Room available in community house in Long Beach, California

Are you seeking community? We have started a community house/co-op/intentional living community/big house with lots of fun roommates.

DATE AVAILABLE: immediately

RENT: $1100/month, utilities additional, and deposit $1650.

Candidates must complete application and credit check for approval by the landlord/management company (good credit required). 1-year lease.

About the house:

  • Near Temple Avenue & 6th st, Long Beach, CA 90814
  • 4 BR, 4 Bath, 2,270 sq ft (each room essentially has their own bathroom!)
    • We have 4 housemates currently, and it will be 5 total once all the rooms are filled - 2 people share the master bedroom.
  • 2 large living room areas
  • Recently remodeled, nice kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Garden and yard area
  • Washer & dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Close to the beach and Bluff Park
  • Beautiful, walkable neighborhood
  • Easy street parking
  • No cigarette smoking
  • Dogs are not allowed, other small pets may be considered
  • Room available is on 2nd floor, is 14’ x 10.5’ (about 150 sq ft), has a large closet, and window


We consider ourselves a community, not just roommates. For the past 4 years, our version of community-focused housing has included weekly meals together, house meetings every other week to be able to make decisions together, shared activities and work projects, and getting involved in the neighborhood.

Other ideals we strive toward:

  • Direct communication and active conflict resolution, nonviolent communication
  • Outings, activities and hosting gatherings, parties, etc. as a house
  • Organized chore rotation
  • Lots of plants, “green”-mindedness, recycling, composting, etc.
  • We value diversity, want to be involved in our neighborhood and social justice organizations, foster creativity, and the community
  • Queer- and poly-friendly
  • We are respectful of ethical and other dietary restrictions, but some of us are omnivores, so we wouldn’t have a strictly vegetarian or vegan house

All in all, we want some structure, but we don’t want it to be overbearing. We want to build community, share experiences, have fun, and enrich our lives and the lives of those we share community with.

Please reach out if you’re looking for something similar! Let us know why you are interested in living here, and what you like or would change about the description above.

This room is now filled. Thanks for your interest!

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