Portugal + Carbon-Negative

Back in spring I posted more-or-less similar potential-community listings in IC.org and ecovillage.org, within their listing constraints. [Clean-air eBike ecoHorta - Foundation for Intentional Community]

A little flurry of interest on ecovillage.org, but though it includes the world, I guess IC.org is more for Americans. And the last thing I’d be doing is encouraging you to fly here.

But if, high on your agenda with community, you are interested in:
•Southern Europe, particularly Portugal
•ultra-low-carbon lifestyle
•carbon sequestration [in soil and biomass] as part of the process of…
•no-burn self-sufficient horticulture
…let’s chat.

My main advocation for low carbon lifestyle is LOW CONSUMPTION including eBikes, though a 10+ community share of an eV seems reasonable use of resources.

There’s plenty of intentional communities in Portugal, including this area, but low carbon seems to come with low scientific-technical literacy, with more of a bias towards mysticism, or simplicity through a very basic standard of living. Contrast this with a very compact, carefully-engineered, aesthetic but not ostentatious, comfortable standard of living, still very much in harmony with nature.

I’ve come back to the “community” format after spending many months with families, where the conventional family becomes the over-riding dynamic. So I’m presently much keener to relate with individuals!

The community listings say a lot more, but I hope that’s enough to engage your passing interest.