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We believe healthier families, communities, and environments will result as we choose to overcome our challenges and embrace our differences together.

Together, we can build social networks and then RV ecovillages in the Pacific NorthWest. Here’s the basic idea:

  • Join weekly Zoom calls and monthly potlucks
  • Build relationships with people different and similar to yourself through Slack groups and activities you plan
  • Form your village of approximately 8 households and begin defining shared values and logistics
  • Each household contributes a $20,000 ‘deposit’ to fund land development that is refundable should they choose to leave, by a new member taking their spot
  • Find supportive land owners or purchase land
  • Half of the RV pads are long-term $700/month and half are short term $1,200/month
  • Bring your RV, Van, or Tiny Home on Wheels
  • After the land is paid off in ~15 years, long-term rent is reduced to $200/month and potentially fully covered by short-term rental income
  • Live happily messy after :slight_smile:

This structure could be combined with numerous other income streams depending on skills and interests: senior care, child care, eco-tourism, etc.

Join us!

With gratitude,

Text or Call 5032773488

Posted 9/5/23

I’m hoping we can connect this week at the Tue. zoom group. I’ll make sure to zoom in right at 8pm this time to catch you.

Are you interested in RVs on private a campground? Native land, forest, lake…