Would like to live on a property near Portland, OR, with others

My wife and I have been open to co-housing for several years now. We are currently wanting to buy a property within about an hour’s drive from Portland. Right now we live in Vancouver, WA. We are wondering if there are other couples or single people out there looking for something similar that would like to join together. We are in our mid-50s, but are open to people of all ages. We are a lesbian couple, but are open to people of all sexual orientations.


May I ask why you chose the portland, OR area?

hi, I am hoping to form a community close to salem Oregon which is about an hour from portland, lets chat!

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. We do have some obligations that keep us in the Portland area. My wife is employed in Portland. Right now she works from home, but that could change at some point. Also, we have health insurance through the hospital in Portland where she works. In addition, my adult daughter lives and works around the Vancouver area, so I do want to stay close enough to stay in touch with her.
How are things going for you? Any plans or specific properties you are interested in?

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Hi, we would be interested in that area. Have you been looking in the area? Have you found anything that would be a possibility?

I need to stay close to that area and would not be ready to move forward on anything for a while. My goal right now is to find folks who want the same thing and come together to create a community

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Hi, I plan on travelling in Oregon this summer to visit IC. Wondering if you might be interested in phone call/skype or meeting to discuss intentions and ideas. Glen

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HI Vanice, my partner and I are currently exploring this exact idea ourselves. I’m in Portland now exploring and working remotely, she’ll be joining me next week and we’d love to meet and talk to you about your ideas and experiences if you’re open to it? Email or Zoom work too.

While we’re not yet committed to a specific location, we are interested in being within a reasonable distance of a major city and international airport if possible. We are also exploring the areas around Bellingham WA next month. I’ll send you a direct message as well, but I wanted to reply here to keep this thread alive and see if any others are interested.

I’m in the same position - would like to live in a co-op situation, grow our own food and form an accepting community. I’m in my mid-50s, so I can’t bust it outside for 12 hours a day, but I do know how to grow food, I’m somewhat handy (come with my own power tools) and I’ve spent my career as a data / tech nerd. I can contribute to a community in a number of ways and would like to chat with folks who are of the same mindset. I’ve been looking at a number of areas in the US, including Oregon.



Myself and my husband took a break for a bit, as our initial attempt to create community with friends didn’t work out due to our inability to help purchase land, and our attempts to find existing community to join where we’d fit haven’t yielded results yet. Due to said lack of funds we aren’t in a position to buy, but we like the idea of renting space in a community if one sprouts which we’d fit into. We don’t want to be in Portland proper, in fact we want to be in either Washington County or Clackamas County, within public transit range. We are politically moderate people so we prefer those “purple” counties. We value: Personal liberty. Collaborative cooperation. Personal responsability. Respect and kindness. Connection with creation, regarding nature and regarding creating beautiful things ourselves. One of our friends with whom we were thinking of making community, who could afford land, has found a good location in Rainier, but that’s too far out for us, I’m encouraging her to pursue finding folks who could handle living that far out though to make her community goals come true.

If these things match up with what anyone in this thread is seeking or thinking of let us know.