Nuclear Safe Zones

Is it time to start thinking about the possibility of Nuclear War? How do other people plan to Survive a Nuclear Holocaust over nothing? Would it be smart to join in with a Nuclear Safe Ecovillage? Or should we just stick our heads in the sand? Let me know what you think. - T

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It’s more than obvious that communities should be thinking about building [underground] storm/disaster shelters, most especially those in Tornado Alley & on the either of the coast lines (at least designating safer communities to go to in such cases). Root cellars help push through hard/long winters & could double as a disaster shelter if built well.

Ecovillages on/near mountains & hills are great places for any kind of disaster shelter! The though of an underground community; they would even have a head start on surface communities! This would also be a good place [IMO] to help/start planning for any kind of disaster; such as putting together disaster kits & bug-out/go bags. I recommend looking for places that help put together disaster kits for free. I also think (if this hasn’t been done already) that each large community should have a [few] team[s] that will meet others in the case of a disaster; for instance a hurricane hits, said team[s] from the safer communities will go as close as they can to the disaster area & direct &/or transport survivors to their (&/or the closest safe) community. There’s also free(?) disaster rescue/response training!

I know concrete can help attenuate radiation exposure; I don’t know how effective hempcrete would be, even after adding sand to strengthen it. I recently read up a bit on both.

Please forgive me for jumping around; when my mind snags onto something, the ideas start pouring.