New here. Greetings!

Hello folks, Jonas Elder here (they/them).

During Covid, I was able to purchase 40 acres of land that is just oozing with water. I moved out here in a tent and over the years I developed a little bit and have built a little cabin, and enjoy most of the comforts of ‘normal’ life.

I want to share this land. I don’t know what the partnership(s) might look like, but 40 acres is much more than one person needs, and frankly, there’s no way one person can even maximize the potential of this much land. At least not without a tractor which I do not own.

On top of that, as a single person I can’t really raise animals, grow food, and have any kind of life away from the property. I am finding that there is destructive interference between a homestead lifestyle and a sound professional life.

Basically I am seeking partners, or to start a co-op, or to help out folk that might be more itinerate than they would otherwise prefer. I am open to that taking any number of forms, including with lawyers and contracts, and money, as well as with simple handshakes, and mutually supportive behavior. It just depends on the circumstances and desires of the parties.

I am NOT looking to sell something to make a profit for myself. I want to build relationships contrary to the capitalist model and to live a good life with a full belly and active hands.

I am a tradesman and have skill in carpentry, electrical, rigging, advanced first aid; I have kept chickens, ducks, and pigs (including processing whole hogs), and I have experience caring for goats and sheep.

I am also an artist. Currently I work with jewelry, both traditional metal smithing, and I also like to incorporate wood into my designs. I am working towards proficiency with my sewing machine. Leather and rustic black smithing are on my horizon.

I am open to growing cannabis, but not at an industrial level. I would strongly prefer folk looking for the space to raise herd animals like sheep or goats. Both is fine, but if your goal is a weed farm and nothing else, we’re probs a bad match.

I don’t know what else to say. It’s good to be here. I hope this community is active, as it’s pretty exciting to find a community of likeminded folk, especially outside of the social media ecosystem.