Community looking for member

We are looking for someone(s) to join with us. But first, a bit of our story:

We are perhaps the second oldest IC in the U.S. Over the years we’ve had hundreds stay here longer term and thousands visit for various lengths of time. But we have very rarely advertised. Stone Garden has created and managed numerous projects over the years, including starting what became Ohio’s longest lasting, all volunteer recycling center. We also ran The Lakota’s Elder Survival Fund which, for over 20 years, collected and delivered food, clothing, tools, furniture and such, to Reservations all over the U.S. We also created and managed one of the largest natural food co-ops in Ohio. And much more. Now we run a dairy and CSA and a very large open-air museum of 40+ buildings. We have nearly every trade and craft common to a small town 150 yrs. ago. We also operate a large Farm School/homeschool for many young folks. And we teach lots of heritage skills classes for adults. Plus, we provide midwife services over a fairly large area. We are very self-reliant and nearly self-sufficient. With lots of organic/permaculture/biodynamic gardens, and lots of animals (and we also do a certain amount of animal rescues). Some of us are aging out, so we’re looking for one or two folks to come partner with us. We currently have a preference for a woman with child (we have lots of young children here), who likes to homeschool, and milking and gardening. We also have lots of carpentry skills and animal husbandry care needed. The museum continues to grow. We presently have several cabins, a teepee on a deck, and a Shepard’s wagon, for housing. And lots of room for camping. There are nearly unlimited opportunities for income, especially if you are (but certainly not limited to) a baker, teacher, herbalist, potter, broom maker. ~~ (Note: As far as what we don’t do, we don’t get jabs or wear masks. And don’t use drugs or fast food, or other things hazardous to human health and happiness. And we have very little need for drama and unharmony.) If you like Ceremony, music, and co-operation, that’s a plus. For a bit more info., you can check out,,, and Stone Garden Farm on FB. We look forward to hearing from you.

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