People in Chicagoland area

I’d like to hear what you want / have to say. These forums don’t seem to active but…
I’m located in Monee , I pay rent to a private party monthly for a farm house + 3 outdoor farming buildings. Got lots of land I am able to use. Chicken coop area is already fenced just needs work. You can do plenty here that’s for sure , I’m just at a kind of T in the road here. My lease is running out this year , and I don’t care to keep staying here all by myself.
The whole “work life” thing is not for me so I plan to give that up this year , but I hate to let this land slip away , as I don’t think this is an opportunity that comes frequently. I reckon as well if I’m here long enough , I can flat out buy this piece of land for relatively cheap one day somehow? I don’t know. I just need some people to talk to , although not expecting much thru here ha.
Born 2001. Looking for people around a similar age initially. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

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