Neurodivergent Community

I’ve been looking to join or start a commune for neurodivergent folks for a long time, so since this forum exists now I figured I’d put out some feelers again - any other neurodivergent folks here who want/need to pool resources and rent a house somewhere?


Myself and husband are both neurodivergent (me from schizo-affective, he from ADHD), and, though we aren’t seeking an ND-specific community I wish you good success in your endeavour.

The thing is though that I suspect we might end up in an nd-specific community in the end by accident, because somehow most of our friends are neurodivergent too. :slight_smile: So even if it isn’t our explicit goal it might end up happening anyways haha.

Hello I am Joshawah currently from Cincinnati Ohio. I too live with Schizoaffective Disorder and I am a cancer survivor. I am 31, Male, Single and looking for my people

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