Neurodivergent Community

I’ve been looking to join or start a commune for neurodivergent folks for a long time, so since this forum exists now I figured I’d put out some feelers again - any other neurodivergent folks here who want/need to pool resources and rent a house somewhere?


Myself and husband are both neurodivergent (me from schizo-affective, he from ADHD), and, though we aren’t seeking an ND-specific community I wish you good success in your endeavour.

The thing is though that I suspect we might end up in an nd-specific community in the end by accident, because somehow most of our friends are neurodivergent too. :slight_smile: So even if it isn’t our explicit goal it might end up happening anyways haha.

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Hello I am Joshawah currently from Cincinnati Ohio. I too live with Schizoaffective Disorder and I am a cancer survivor. I am 31, Male, Single and looking for my people


I think it’s important to remember that the ND community and the NT community both have strengths and weaknesses so they do better together. A community that emphasizes inclusion and compassion for ND people would probably fair better than ND exclusive.


As the mother of a 15-year-old boy on the autism spectrum, I can say that I would love to find (and am currently looking for) an intentional community (ND welcome ) where he could build a life, meet his peers, and make friends. Our world has become smaller due to his sensory issues, and I imagine, as a fantasy, a place where he feels safe and comfortable and inspired and challenged. A place where he could grow up and stay. I’m all for it!!!

I hear you on that one. That’s what I’d see as ideal for myself, that mixture

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Any luck? (I’m just south of you)

I support this comment! My husband and I are ND and have started a community, we are looking for diversity: multicultural, intergenerational

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Hi. My name is Mina. I am nearly 65 and live with my 70yo husband and 22yo severely autistic daughter. She has a genetic disease called methylmalonic acidemia and brain trauma from a spike in blood acid when she was 4 months old. She she looks almost typical, but she cannot feed or dress herself, and cannot answer the question “what is your name” without significant prompting of just the right sort.
We live near LA, just up the coast from Malibu, and I’m looking to develop community with other like minded types. I have lived in many cohousing situations, from extended family to room-mate situations, and it’s the way I prefer to be.
I am especially interested in self-governing resources, and learning more about things like sociocracy and other written and formalized rules for friendly cohabitation.

Here is an interesting article from March 2024 that says “Neurological conditions ranging from migraine to stroke, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, are now the leading cause of ill-health worldwide, causing 11.1 million deaths in 2021, research has revealed.” Neurological conditions now leading cause of ill-health worldwide, finds study | Health | The Guardian

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