Looking for a quiet peaceful community (migraine friendly)

Hello, my name is Jeremy. My fiancé and I were looking to either find or help create a quiet community which is friendly to those who experience migraines (or just those that enjoy peace and quiet). I have frequent migraines and a sensitivity to sound but do not want to let that stop me, or others in a similar situation, from finding a community of supportive people who are empathetic, open-minded, tolerant, and interested in supporting each other’s growth. We use the word spirituality pretty vaguely; meditation, personal prayer, introspection, mindfulness, reading, healthy eating, respecting/helping the environment/animals, and forming strong connections with other people are some of the things that help with our spiritual growth. We respect and enjoy healthy discussions on a variety of topics but if the topic or tone becomes uncomfortable for anyone, then the person talking will respectfully be asked to stop discussing that topic (politics, religion, etc.).
I have seen many great communities, but also many migraine triggers (I love animals and have a cat, but chickens and pigs I heard can get quite loud). We currently live on the east coast but are looking to relocate to CA or southern Oregon because of the more stable barometric pressure. Ashland, OR seemed like a good combination to avoid migraines (relatively stable barometric pressure, low precipitation but still cloudy sometimes, low elevation, and not too hot or humid) but we’re open to suggestions and I know migraine triggers are different for everyone. A rural or suburban location would probably be more quiet though.
We can eventually establish a community business if possible but we would need individual jobs at first and could split living costs.
We are open to suggestions or improvements but that is the general idea so let me know if you are interested at all!

Hey! I have never dealt with migranes so I can imagine they must be quite a hinderance to daily life! I do not personally have anything similar to that, but I have picked up some useful info about it from here and there (I’m a Medical Lab Scientist who also loves to learn about nutritional health). Many people in the general population are low on magnesium and especially those who suffer from migranes. Of course the least bioavailable form is the most common to see at the store!

Also, EMFs from cell phones, laptops and wifi routers seem to agrivate it in many people. EMFs also deplete magnesium. I turn off my wifi and just use wired internet and keep phone in airplane mode when not needed (90 perecent of time). Experiment, see what works for you. Nothing to lose turning these devices off when not in use (especially sleep when body is restoring itself.)

Anyhow, just wanted to pass off some aquired wisdom. I hope I don’t come off as “giving unasked for advice” when you probably have already looked into things. Just wanted to help. :grinning:

I am looking to form an intentionally low EMF community (still use wired internet). Feel free to reach out if this interests you.

Hello! I appreciate the response. Adding more magnesium to my diet/in supplements in the past month really did help with the migraines a lot, but I have not heard anyone mention how EMF can impact migraines so I’m glad you brought that up. I looked into it some today and it looks promising but still have to research it more! It’s always exciting to try new things to help; it all seems to keep adding up and making me healthier while helping with the migraines. I already started putting my phone on airplane mode when not in use like you said… I’ll let you know if the low EMF community is something I’d be interested in!

Hi Jeremy!
Frequent migraine sufferer here so I can very much sympathize with you on needing quiet. I just wanted to share a few things that I discovered over the past years that have helped me. Magnesium is definitely very helpful and EMFs can cause some very strong symptoms in people depending how sensitive one is. We all get affected by EMFs, just not everybody realizes it on an acute level on a daily basis. I remember watching Afflicted on Netflix and this is where I first heard of how EMFs can affect people, it’s an interesting documentary. Root Cause (you can watch it free on Tubi) is another example of hidden dangers that can affect someone’s health so profoundly with ‘safe’ procedures. We all react to things differently. For me, most of my migraines as I have discovered are related to muscles. I have an unreleased tongue tie which essentially makes my body feel ‘tight’ especially at times of stress when I tense, muscles in my neck go really tense and it’s game over for up to 2-3 days even with stretching and massage. I constantly have to stretch my neck, back and even my leg muscles contribute. If I can feel it coming on and stretch right away, I can often circumvent or help with some relief after it’s set in.
Not sure if this is helpful but wanted to second the EMF as well as share some other reasons you may be experiencing these episodes. I know they can be debilitating sometimes. Quiet and nature alone makes a huge difference. :slight_smile:


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Willowhaven is disability-focused. So feel free to dm me to learn more about what that would look like for you and yours. That being said, we are still forming - so the more work we can put in together the sooner our dream can be realized.

Also note we already have a future member that has the same sensitivities you have listed.

Hello Anna,
I will definitely take a look at those documentaries soon. Thank you! I was looking for something like that to get more information on the topic.
Migraines are very debilitating… I am sorry to hear you have to go through that. I hope you continue to find what works best for you so the migraines are more manageable. Stretching has definitely helped me stave off migraines, and the biggest thing that helped was when I started eating at least 5 ounces of spinach or another leafy green a day with other vegetables. After two+ years of trying different things, I started doing that a few weeks ago and my head finally is starting to feel normal sometimes(my current neighborhood is still very loud though and I don’t know if migraine sufferers can ever be completely cured of sound sensitivity). I look forward to peace and quiet either way… I appreciate the response!

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Hello. Thank you!! I will be sure to do that going forward.

Hello Kyra,

I’d love to learn more about Willowhaven! I’ll dm you.