Low EMF Seminar Post-Discussion


I was hoping to have more discussion time after the low-EMF seminar . I’d love to get in contract with more of you. I think this is a topic that needs to be discussed more and I’m always open to learning more and meeting new people.

I was the one interested in opening a small, rustic EMF-refuge in the mountains of North Carolina. Contact me if you are interested. We are in the very early stages, but we welcome off-grid campers as we get things set up!

I’m also interested in other contacts as well to maybe visit or exchange ideas. Send me a private message.

Hi @Sunshineisthebestmed. Nice to e-meet you. Thank you for starting this conversation. My wish, sounds like yours, is that folks who were on the call would join us here. I think having an EMF space here will also, in the fullness of time attract others. As you know, the growing and nurturing of this forum is a work in progress. I wonder if we (FIC) could reach out to attendees and invite them here. @laurenhugel what do you think about that idea?

Great idea. I hope to see this forum flourish!

Hi @Neil and @Sunshineisthebestmed! My apologies for the late response. I’m still getting up-to-speed on how this forum works. :upside_down_face:

Sunshineisthebestmed - Ditto to what Neil said on starting this conversation. Thank you!
Neil - I think you may be more familiar with the inner workings of this forum than I am at this point. If I share the list of webinar registrants with you, would you be able to invite them?

thanks for the awesome information.

Are you referring to the Jan 19th EMF’s and Your Community webinar?