Looking for marginalized people and allies!

Hello! I am a founder at Willowhaven and with the passage of each month, we are picking up more and more steam. We are in the formation process, and we are shopping around for land. I am particularly interested in new members who have the following traits:

  • You know what it’s like to struggle. Whether you’re disabled like me, low income, black, queer, indigenous - we want your voice and your input in our community. Willowhaven is a space by and for marginalized people.
  • Can do the work: If you are not in a place mentally, physically, or financially, to contribute 2-3 hrs a week to our founding process, you are welcome to join our server or mailing list as a supporter. Otherwise, we need more motivated members who check in regularly and help us complete tasks. We try to keep the work as accessible as possible.
  • Communicative - if you want to help but you have up & down waves of productivity due to chronic illness, work, or otherwise - you are still welcome and wanted! BUT we need you to communicate so we can be aware and accommodate your absence.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping this leftist project come to life! Marginalized people deserve housing, food, and community - help us make it a reality in WA state of the PNW. <3

Email - WHSLT@outlook.com
Discord invite - Willowhaven Society


Hi Kyra, its been a while since you posted so I hope you’re well.

I’m following your efforts on here, my friend Aprelle has the dream of starting a community specifically for people with disabilities and allies, down here in OR. She told me that if 25 people can come together and tell the gov. that they want a community built that the gov will pay for it. Just something to look into for WIllow Haven as you gather more founders.

That’s good to know! Got any links or an email I can send questions to?

I’m not sure, I can ask her and see what else she knows. The trouble she has run into is that she needs 25 committed members in order to apply.

It was an Obama-era program, I’m guessing it doesn’t exist anymore since we both googled and couldn’t find it now. :frowning: