Seeking fellow founders for marginalized community - focused project

Hello! My name is Kyra and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I am a founder at Willowhaven Society, which is a future commune made by and for marginalized people (i.e. BIPOC, queer, disabled, Jewish, low income, etc.). We are still forming and hope to buy land in spring as we have most of a down payment saved collectively. We are looking for a few more dedicated team members to help us save, plan, and organize. Here’s a few things that make a good Willowhaven founder:

  • Wants to move to, or already lives in, WA state.
  • Is marginalized in some way or is a proven strong ally
  • Wants to live semi-communally (ask me about our current opt-in&opt-out policy)
  • Has a record clear of DV, CA, and SA.
  • Cares about growing as an individual

Interested? Email
Just want to follow our progress? Look at our links (@WillowhavenSociety | Willow) or join our discord (Willowhaven Society)

Well done on almost having a down payment ready!