Looking for community that questions the mainstream narrative(s)

Including rationale for mandates. Many communites these days seem to follow CDC guidelines.


I’ve always questioned the narrative and now working on starting a community in the desert that will question everything. This Saturday I’m having a meetup on Zoom to talk about starting a book study using The Cooperative Culture Handbook. Send me an e mail if you would like to join lilaosborne@rocketmail.com


Hi Lila,
I sent you an email, would love to join the zoom! I actually just received a copy of that book so I’m interested in seeing what your plans are. Looking forward to connecting!


Yes, I agree. I’m looking to form or join something which thinks for itself. If anyone wants to connect, please send me a private message or click my profile to get me email and learn more about me.


That’s a great book! It’s very practical.

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Yes. Since George Bush gave his and the very first speech (I can ever remember) about the New World Order back in 1991 (I think) and then the 9/11 events, I have questioned a lot. Many other things became apparent to me of what I should do, but I just didn’t know how to do it - exercising the right of self-determination/governance.

Today, I have found myself traversing through the many statutes and loopholes the system has to offer in order to move the state (Law of Nations Preliminaries Section 1) above water. That was hard, but now it is easy compared to our new stumble, the Federal Court deciding that our state is fictitious and nonexistent. The court, of course, presumed, and it presumed wrong, but that doesn’t excuse us from defending our right. We have done so much since 2013, the court will have to redact its presumption.

We have filed accession paper with the UN regarding certain treaties, one of which is the international driver’s license treaty. We have applied with the Department of the Treasury and the Department of State for the State of Florida as a foreign government entity for the purpose of tax exemption. We have advertised, to say the least, the existence of our micro-state to the world, and currently are in discussion with a member of the Pakistani government/state. We are acting, that is the point.

So, yes, the narrative present through the mainstream media is like eating super-empty calories without substance and any nutritional value whatsoever. We question the narrative by exercising a right while abiding to certain required duties. We question the narrative of certain other government entities, media, world governments, etc. because it’s our duty to learn, be educated properly, test all thing.




I agree, we’ve been deceived for many years…people are starting to realize the conspirators were right and we’ve been in the middle of some sick plan for years…
I have a feeling we will all need some relief soon so I’m working on a project that will be a paradox of mainstream, I’ll be in competition with elites in a passive aggressive way :wink: Have you heard of micro nations? I’m leaning towards something along that line.


Hello, Lila. Good for you and great hearing from you, your perspective, reasoning and goals.

Yes. I have heard about micro-nations. I have created one with the family and one more non-family member who recently decided to join. Long story short, went through the gurus of this and that, but none of it made sense so I started testing the system until I found a good internationalist mentor. He taught me what was needed to start the micro-nation.

Currently, hahaha, we had a federal judge claim our state (a society of people converging to create a society all their own, with its own culture, etc. to protect it collectively, etc. along with and within the community of other nation-states. I am paraphrasing the Law of Nations preliminary section 1 and doing a bad job at it. Anyway, he stated that our state was a “fictitious, nonexistent state.” We thanked him for declaring our society a “state”, albeit, and without proof or support, and contrary to the right of self-determination, through unfounded insults, i.e., “fictitious, nonexistent”.

Anyway, that is what we have to put up now claiming the right of self-determination in order to create a state/micro-nation/micro-state, pompous ignorant judges that do not know what they are talking about. Nevertheless, his opinion is totally useless because it is not up to him to determine for us what our state is and should be and should not be. Doing so would be determining for us and claiming us as his state’s slaves.

Do you see?

Take care.

Let me know if you have any questions. I like to talk about these things.



Congratulations on becoming a state, LIam, at least you were able to get as far as you did. I see it becoming a trend and it will require baby steps :slight_smile:

If I’m correct, Disneyworld is a micro nation of sorts. I was thinking there could be a lot of ways to get around some of the mandates by becoming a business or a nonprofit. Would love to talk to you about this sometime.

Thank you,


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I am not sure about Disney. One would have to look at how they incorporated, if either privately - without the one of the States of the Union, or publicly, by filing their incorporation papers with one of the states of the union. One could see if they prepared a declaration by which they would have had to claim what the colonies declared through their d. of independence. I am not entirely sure, but if Disney did these things and the community of nation-state recognize it as having done so, then it would be worthwhile checking into how they did it.

Thank you so much for sharing that.

Yes. Baby steps, and testing things. It is a lot of work. It is no wonder not many people do this.


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