Seeking to form a community in NY State or CT that grows food

Looking to form a community – not too large – that keeps a light footprint, so small houses (can even begin with a 100% cedar wood pre-made house (10K) that takes a few weeks to receive delivery, and add onto it as one goes along) where we can live and with the flexibility to add onto our houses if desired for family and visitors to stay. and build a small main house. Our houses can be a place we also work out of, such as remote work, or work we can do in the town community. Together we work on growing our own food, perhaps growing extra for our local town community if it works out. The land would be approx 2-10 acres that we either purchase together or I can purchase, preferably in CT or NY State, though NH or VT are acceptable. Preferably the land for our community will be at a high elevation, so that flooding will not be an issue now or going into the future. The only shared expenses would be for supplies for the food and build the main small house, and otherwise people are responsible for their own cost of living.

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Do you need to be near a metro center? I see affordable places around Ithaca and in southern NH.