In Update NY or Northern CT - starting a small community

If anyone is interested, please reach out regarding starting a small homestead community - maybe some of us for weekends only and keep our main residence? - either (A) Upstate NY or (B) Northern CT. I can purchase land (2-10 acres) or if you would like to purchase some as well, to build small houses to start. Let’s get it going, and a cedar cabin costs $6k (not including insulation) takes a week to be delivered, and can be added onto over time . Living in a rural setting with others around seems like a good way to set up a community, even if just 2-4 others. Enjoying nature (which is important to our well being as humans), taking the time each day and getting the most out of it, having our own work that we do for income, and growing food together would be great, if others are interested. Preferably, not too far from town.

Hoping you can get some momentum going on your goal with others.