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What an awesome, rich background and family Bryan. I wonder how you are doing post cohousing search? If you continue to look for that perfect community, consider Greek Village Cohousing. It provides your daughter EU permanent residency and is an awesome community. We are starting an experiential Montessouri school, and the children will likley run a small agribusiness. Check out our Greek Village Cohousing website and see if you want to come to one of our information coffees!

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Teel, I divide my time between two intentional communities: (1) the Litibu EcoVillage near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and (2) the GreenRise Intentional Community which is a short way from you at Sheridan and Lawrence. I became a founding member of Litibu in 1992. I have been a communitarian at GreenRise since 2010. Good to “meet” you here. Terry

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*Hi peeps

My name’s Jonas
Born in the wrong jungle (massive city of Buenos aires)
I’m 36 male.
I’m currently focusing on creating an anarchist co-living space in the jungle (old school one, with actual wildlife) in the north of Misiones (area where we have Iguazú Falls).
I’ve got experience squatting in Europe/UK
I’m a writer (write zines under the name Enneas Vittoria). My special talents include disliking police , looking for alternative ways of living and having a good time while doing so.
I’m into paganism, art, ecology , direct action and rioting.

Hoping to meet fellow anarchists, hopefully those already in anarco-communities and those wanting to co-create one here.

Have a nice one :call_me_hand:t2::palm_tree::leopard:

Hello! We are happy to find this group. For the last 8 years we have lived in our motorhome and traveled the United States. We have seen most of the country and have enjoyed seeing and meeting so many people. It gives on a greater understanding of what the country is.

I (Dave) am a retired business owner/computer nerd/photograper. I am skilled in all aspects of building as well. Kate is a great cook, gardiner, friend of children, lover of nature.

We are current;y searching for our next home. We love the idea of a tiny house in a supportive, more liberal community and would really enjoy being part of one and contributing.

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Hello, I’m Holly. I currently live in Massachusetts (just south of the New Hampshire border) with my son & our dog. I completed the starting a community course and am going through it again as I want to create a community for families who have lost a primary caregiver due to death. My husband passed away a little over two years ago and my take away from different grief groups I’ve been part of is how difficult and challenging it has been “solo” parenting.

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Hello, I’m Mac Thomson from Heartwood Cohousing in gorgeous SW Colorado. As you may have guessed, I love living at Heartwood and in SW Colorado – skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, camping, hiking, biking – basically any opportunity to play in nature with friends and family.

I was a founder of Heartwood back in the 90’s and am now working as project manager to build 14 new homes in 2025 in our Phase 2.

My wife Sandy and I raised our 3 kids here. As I often say, community living is both rewarding and challenging for adults, but pure heaven for kids. At least it was for our kids and the tribe they grew up with.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you through this forum and help advance community in this ever fragmented world.


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Hi. My name is Brittany (as of now) I currently reside in Cleveland Ohio. I just turned 32 years old. I just woke up recently. I was adopted at Birth by a great set of people. But I don’t know my true meaning. I feel I am a healer. I am brave. I am a truth teller. I am kind. I have a LOT of love to give. I believe in free love , kindness and equality for all humans and living creatures. I am trying to break free from currency and material objects and learn how to grow my own crops and raise and or grow my own food , I have a lot of past trauma that I am working through and trying to better myself and eventually change the world to make it a better place for everyone. I am not currently living in intentional living but I want to be. My current living situation is not one to envy by any means and I am looking for where to go next.

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Hi! I am looking for people that are interested in a PHISH culture themed 55+ community. Looking for PHISH fans in general and specifically PHISH fans that have a profession that can contribute to a THINK TANK. I am not a PHISH fan - but I am a fan of PHISH fans.

One nice lady here looking for an evolving (still hopefully possible) group of like minded live-in volunteers with a better world in mind ;=)

“We” are a yet-imaginary group of kind people in a small-city household… dreaming of a viable and loving “Heart-House”… up and working in a middling American town in Oklahoma…

The typical multi-person household here (or in most places now) is maybe a few blood-related people and/or a tenant or 2, but I want this place to house up 5 or 6 mindful, creative and focused people willing/able to help with projects with a better world in mind.

Examples of outside projects can include loneliness abatement activities like telephone call-ins for seniors, real live chat circles, lake-improvement shore-plantings, dance parties in the local diner, dog walking projects for shut-ins with pets, and the like…“Fun Not Bombs” could use some representation here too.

So please talk to me if you are at all interested, no room for children or any more critters now, sorry for that, single/coupled adults only at this point please…

Rent is still necessary as well, but way lower than you would have to pay otherwise in a non-volunteering household. Many hands make for less expenses, so lets make this a real thing! Hope to hear from you ;=)

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I am interested in your blurb and what you said about your new group possibly relocating in Mexico. If this is true I (single lady, older and kind) might be interested in joining. I am alone in the middle of the country now, close to Colorado, but able to move elsewhere (including to Mexico) if I close down this house I now live in…can you please contact me and let me know how to reach you by phone or email??? Thanks in advance ;=)

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Hi, my name is Nathan. I’m currently living in Largo, FL, not yet in an intentional community. I am looking into starting my own and have no experience. I came here looking for guidance. I am an NLP Master Practitioner with interests in Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, kink lifestyle, calisthenics, acrobatics, yoga, food as medicine, food as indulgence, astrology, tarot, chakras, feng shui, and being eco-friendly. I am very new to all of these, another reason why I want to find a community of like minded individuals and have a space where we can explore interests together.

Hello… I just started and saw your reply… I’m looking for a partner to give this community an upgrade!! I want you to help me save the world… it can be very simple and easy… I’m not sure what parts this place can play tho… so are you up for it? I could really use the help, but our efforts get everyone the best future, living longer and being more fulfilled…