How has FIC membership supported your community journey?

We want to know how FIC has supported your communitarian journey.

Whether you’re a member or not yet a member of FIC, we want to know how our membership program can enhance your community experience wherever you are in the process.

Any stories to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Great place to advertise my community, but most of the inquiries are from people who are just shopping around but aren’t committed to joining a community now. Most queries indicate that they are looking for a free ride and a fun experience. When I list the projects we need help on and how much WORK is involved in developing a profitable farm, they usually drop out of the evaluation process. No query yet has led to anyone joining this community. Still, you never know. Somewhere the ideal candidates are lurking and may make contact in due time. Meanwhile, we just keep plugging along making some progress every year.

Joy and abundance,

Cory Layne

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