High desert animal sanctuary

My fiance and I wish to start an animal sanctuary on our land in the desert (not far from Red Rock SP, the Honda Proving Center, and Desert Tortoise Wildlife Area) of Kern county, California. We hope to create a land trust so that those who join us in this endeavor are protected for as long as they want to be a part of it. While my fiance is a strict carnivore, I often go meat-free and I do not smoke anything. He is 420 and trying to limit his cigarette smoking; we are not anti-tobaccco or anything else, but we prefer not to have drinking parties nor will we allow use of illegal activities. It will just be us and our furbabies until we get the ball rolling. We are also an interracial couple and very open to BIPOC people who wish to be a part of our community. Seriously interested? Contact me, thanks!