Healing community for women?

I’m seeking a place to be and heal from sexual trauma with the support of grounded women.
Does this exsist? A women only forest refuge for healing?
Thank you so much,


Greetings RubyElisa,

It is courageous of you to reach out for support, I trust you will find what you need.

you could check out a friend of mine in PR that does rewilding experiences.

you may find it beneficial to work with a reputable shaman, here are some that I have worked with

If you are interested in talking with me more on ways we can find the right support for you please reach out mbingham3@protonmail.com

peace and blessing


I don’t have direct experience, but this is the main women’s IC I’m aware of http://www.wemoonland.org/

yes, as above - many woman only communities (& networks ie not landed but into ‘repair’/recovery). The ic.s are diverse - rural, urban, strict healing, general female support, specific issues, etc. I think U have a great idea in this as ur healing source - as we may B injured alone /but/ we heal w/thru others (not alone). FIC has a directory of ic.s Use the ic.org site, enter ur interest in the 'Search" box.