Healing community for women?

I’m seeking a place to be and heal from sexual trauma with the support of grounded women.
Does this exsist? A women only forest refuge for healing?
Thank you so much,


Greetings RubyElisa,

It is courageous of you to reach out for support, I trust you will find what you need.

you could check out a friend of mine in PR that does rewilding experiences.

you may find it beneficial to work with a reputable shaman, here are some that I have worked with

If you are interested in talking with me more on ways we can find the right support for you please reach out mbingham3@protonmail.com

peace and blessing


I don’t have direct experience, but this is the main women’s IC I’m aware of http://www.wemoonland.org/

yes, as above - many woman only communities (& networks ie not landed but into ‘repair’/recovery). The ic.s are diverse - rural, urban, strict healing, general female support, specific issues, etc. I think U have a great idea in this as ur healing source - as we may B injured alone /but/ we heal w/thru others (not alone). FIC has a directory of ic.s Use the ic.org site, enter ur interest in the 'Search" box.

The link above to WeMoon Land is a good one – it connects to what are left of the 70s Back to the Land expression in the women’s community. There may be a place on one of the lands that remain to find a quiet place to retreat and heal. None that I know of, though, are really set up to truly support someone going through that kind of intense healing experience–nor is the community really that trauma informed (who is yet? seems like I’m just getting informed myself and I’m a trauma survivor who’s been actively pursuing healing for 50 years!). I’m only adding all this because I dream of such a healing sanctuary as you describe. I fear we may have to make it ourselves. I’m game!