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As a writer and Film & Podcast Producer it is not just a calling but a passion to capture all of the amazing gifts and challenges of living in community…for others to discover and learn from in order to support the future (and this is big, and honest and at the core of this forum topic)…of humankind.

This forum format is heartening to experience and at the same time this topic may well exceed the container necessary to move this Documentary project forward. So consider this just a beginning point, an invitation to fellow content creators in and around Intentional Community, an announcement, that a documentary is in the works.

Your spirit and skills are welcomed. We’ll be sure to ZOOM meet soon, as interest grows. Meanwhile, the invitation with this topic is to share your interest, skills and passion to tell the story, your story and those around you, about Intentional Community. Will you join me ?


Hi! I’m a filmmaker too and was thinking of doing a documentary starting this June. Maybe we can combine the two? Send me an email at Either way, I’ll join this thread and us filmmakers can chat!


I’m not a filmmaker but have been working on ideas during my travels the past 10 years…it was unexpected, but I have land of my own now and even the address goes with my Dr Seuss theme 123 Flea Flicker Dr, Wickieup, AZ 85360. It’s not on the map yet but it’s 40 acres with a well in the middle of the Aquarius Mountains. I think I have a good story to tell.

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Absolutely …will do, my email:

Lila - sounds like a GREAT story! What’s a good email for you and we can start a conversation. Mine is:

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Hello everyone! Great to hear the beautiful projects already in the works :slight_smile: I’m a filmmaker capturing intentional communities/ecovillage & truly believe in capturing our way of life is essential to this movement which’ll create pathways for others to do the same.

You’re welcome to check out my first project Free Land for Free People - The Garden on YT or my more known work Treeisalive on Tiktok.

It ain’t easy doing what we do, with so many misconceptions about this lifestyle, we must support each other & define our message through film in a way that truly creates change.

We have a lot already in the works, E. G. The first intentional community TV show & more! Maybe you’d like to work together, I’d love more opportunities to be in front of the camera, instead of behind! :joy: feel free reach out :kissing_heart:


Fantastic ! Will check out your YT content - excited ! :clapper:

Carol …looking forward to learning more about what you are up to!

I’m still old school and do a film then submit it to film festivals so kudos for doing tik tok! I still don’t have an account, yet. I started the proposal for the docu on cohousing but finished a fictional film last year on zoom, making a short film with students, and working on a screenplay for a big production. I love using actors so you can be in my film in front of the camera!

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Hi again. What does everyone here think about a film festival? It could be online? Films about intentional communities?