Film Club - moving "book" club

I would love to meet monthly, on zoom, to discuss movies on Intentional Communities. I’m a filmmaker and lived in an IC. Of course, some of the films will have more stereotypes than others. We can talk once a month and I can even show the movie before the discussion if you weren’t able to see it.
We can talk about what makes a good neighbor (or not) and how the movies shape our ideas about such a thing.
The first movie - the mainstream movie on an Intentional Community - Wanderlust with Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd.
Let’s meet Saturday, November 12th at 5PM EST. We can meet at 2 for those who need to see the movie with me on zoom (not the best showing but better than nada).
email me for more info:
Carol at
See you

Hi all,

The first meeting of the movie club went well. We had fun though there were plenty of technical difficulties - sharing on zoom is caught by the powers that be. So, the next film is one that is on Netflix and should be easy to find at your library. You will have to watch it ahead of time. It’s the documentary about Fred Rogers - Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

email me for the zoom link. It’ll be Saturday January 14, 2023 (skipping the holiday month) at 5PM EST.

On another note, I’ve started investigating starting a film festival. Would you like to help create it? Do you have some videos and movies you have taken at your IC? Know someone who has? Any quality is fine but NOT promotional, marketing materials. This will be to talk about IC life and build community for ICs.

We will be having a zoom call to start looking into creating this for summer 2023 - the festival will be mostly on zoom.

email me and I"ll set that up for sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

See you at the movies,