Who wants to start a book group on Zoom?

I know there are a few people here interested in starting a study group, so I am going to commit myself to starting one using The Cooperative Culture Handbook. I’m new to cooperative living and looking to start something on my property in a couple years…or sooner.
Maybe we could start something together, if not, I think gaining the knowledge and learning different ideas would be a good start for everyone to exchange ideas and explore what is possible.
We are having our first meetup on Zoom on April 9th at noon (MST), if you are interested in joining our Zoom group or just want to meet to discuss community living before you commit to the study, please e mail me at lilaosborne@rocketmail.com and I’ll send you the details to join. Looking forward to meeting you.



We also have a book club, we would like to join with others communitarians in our book club.

The one we run is currently a wonderful little time together with the folks here at Herding Cats Collective here in Calgary, AB. We are usually 4 to 8 people. We are looking to join with others at the moment or to have other people from other groups to join us in this.

Would you be willing to invite us to your next book club? That counts for you Lila, and also for others who would like to join.

Or perhaps come check how we run ours?

This Wednesday at 19:00 PM (MST) is the book selection for the next month.

We meet once-a-month for 90 minutes or on the second Sunday of each month.

Our instagram is here to get to know us some more:


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thank you, I’ll check it out.

I’m interested, our first study will be Satuday, please e mail me and will get back with you on joining in. What is the book you are using for your group?