Looking to Form an Intentional Community in North Carolina

Coweeta Heritage Center and Talking Rock Farm are looking for folks interested in forming an Intentional Community. Coweeta has served as a School for Sustainable Living for 18 years, hosting many younger and older folks interested in gaining first-hand knowledge about Regenerative Agriculture, Aquaculture, Off-Grid Living, Eco Friendly building, and just plain Simple Living. Adopting Voluntary Simplicity as its main tenant, Coweeta has striven to make the most of local resources, creative cooperative collaboration, and sustainable practices. It is now time to embark on a new venture by establishing a permanent Intentional Community to ensure that Coweeta will be around for many years to come and that the land is protected. The Community will hold in Trust all the land and holdings and ensure its future. Much has been accomplished over the years including serviceable roads, workshops, gardens, a pond and temporary housing, yet much remains to be done.

Coweeta is located in a small intimate (forested) valley with a wide array of wildlife and fauna. It would be a perfect place for a Healing Center for the Earth and Each Other. The Beyond Organic Gardens is all raised beds that we no long dig; just mulch, plant and harvest. Produce has served the local community at the Franklin Tailgate Market and Yonder Community Market for many years.

Springs abound and the property is bordered on a creek that provides water for a hydro-electric system, gravity feed water to the garden and future houses. Solar panels have been installed as well to fill in when there is a drought.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a member and volunteer. This is a great opportunity to help start a fledgling community and provide a future for yourself and serve the world. Individuals and families with children are welcome. Come visit Coweeta to learn more. Contact Paul at (http://www.coweeta.gmail.com/) for more info.