Earthstock Aug 19-25, 2024 in Crestone Colorado and online
organized by a group that are founding an intentional community
Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 8.58.01 PM
a regenerative event for full-spectrum change
Crestone is a unique remote town with centers and/or intentional communities of 10 religious and spiritual traditions

If anyone going to Crestone would like to come visit Heartwood Cohousing (a few hours to the west), we’d love to have you. We are building 14 new homes in 2025. We are an established, successful, rural cohousing community of 24 homes built in 2000. LMK if you might be interested in a visit.

Hey Hey, So nice area yur in, been through there. So how does your established cohousing community work

Oh ya I C , I watched the Video on Heartwood, You Folks are just Phony Rich Fuckers , lol,

Ouch. Have you met any of us to make such a statement? Is that sort of uniformed statement a good way to spread love and connection in the world?

We’re doing our best. Our homes are certainly more expensive than I wish they were, but that’s the reality of home construction costs in 2024.

I wish you the best in your journey to find and nurture love and connection.

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Thank you Kim. Kind and supportive builds love and connection. What the world needs.