Curious to discuss thoughts on parallel societies

Curious if any one has extra ideas that could contribute towards creating a parallel society.

  • Building new decentralized technology
  • Community gardens
  • Alternative independent media sources
  • Private community associations
  • Alternative music that goes against main stream ideas
  • Local meetups
  • Creating apps & websites that are opensource / free for others to use
  • Home schooling
  • Contributionism
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Decentralized digital infrastructures - Internet / communication systems
  • Joining or creating an intentional community (This website)
  • Start a local farm & grow your own food - Cattle , Chickens , etc.
  • Hosting a campsite for RVers / Van campers / Travelers - Park in the drive way or on land
  • Going fishing + sharing with neighbors
  • Learning to barter
  • Learn new skills
  • Learning to live without cash
  • Having a weekly potluck dinners with neighbors / friends / etc.
  • Sharing tools - Hammers / Drills / Mower
  • Sharing vehicles or car pooling together

Curious to hear more ideas…


Interesting idea, that a community is a parelel society, as its occuring in the same timeline and same place as generic society, but that its set apart, your terminology is interesting and a new slant on a familiar idea.

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OMGosh I love everything you put there. I am very interested and indeed I have written a blueprint for the social “operating system” that this could work from. Where do we get started?

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Yes, we definitely need to be developing this, as opposed to just “running off into the woods”…

there are MASSIVE cities, all over, with their attached HUGE populations, which CANNOT all map out neatly onto all the tiny farms and such ICs inherently embody. Yes, these farms, and especially the core KNOWLEDGE they provide of eco-conscious/“eco-friendly” regenerative agriculture, are valuable and necessary, but we need also to be doing the same WITHIN the cities… the “Dual Power” that your post touches on. We need to be showing the MASSES that there IS a better way to structure society, by actually forming the base for it within, and alongside, the one that currently exists, but is completely removed and separate from it.

We all have a job to do. Find yours, and embarks on it… now!

This is legitimately a part of my greater vision for my nascent community: one hub among many that serves some of the critical functions that any township or city serves in the GRAND SCHEME of things.

I think the means of doing it look something like this: you and your founders start with a set of ambitious goals; you are aligned in your desire to affect real change in society writ large. Then you create and maintain several revenue streams and start the growth and influence phase. This means using the money that would traditionally be labeled “profit” and instead use it to purchase operational farmland, or manufacturing buildings, or other common holds of the profiteers. You don’t do this for fiscal gain, mind you, but to integrate those structures into your grander vision of how things OUGHT to be.

I feel this is possible, and therefore necessary, for anyone interested in a better future.