Couple & two cats seeking asylum in Canada

My wife and I are becoming increasingly aware of the anti-trans laws coming into effect around the US, and we fear for our safety.
We are hoping to settle with a cohousing community or commune for the next 2-5 years in Canada. We hate to leave our home, but we need to stay safe.

The reason I am posting here and not going directly to the listings is because I am disabled in multiple ways, so I can’t contribute as much as most can to physical labor. (I can still work office & organizational type roles). I find a lot of communities expect a fair chunk of labor from their members and that’s just not possible for me.

Are there any communities, preferably in B.C., open to disabled members? Please. My wife and I need somewhere safe to be.

I don’t know what happened re. Willow Haven, but I’m sad to see that your direction has to shift, I hope you find somewhere you can feel safe.

this plan has changed. Willowhaven is still together.