Bundling Internet expenses inside HOA fees

If a complex of living units is already coordinating expenses among members, whether it is a cooperative, a condominium complex, or other group, why not get Internet access wholesale and bundle it into other fees? We connected the community described below to a middle mile provider of Internet services. They signed a contract that enabled Veridian at County Farm to pay a monthly fee for the community and divide up the expenses to be bundled into the homeowners association fees. The middle mile provider simply collects one amount from the association each month.

I met Matt Grocoff back around 2007 when I was on Ann Arbor City Council. Over the past few years, he has been developing the design of Veridian at County Farm “targeted to be one of the nation’s first mixed-income net zero energy communities , and is creating one of the nation’s first Living Community Challenge Master Plans. It will be a 100% all-electric development, powered by solar with no gas lines or combustion appliances of any kind. Your front porch faces a greenway guiding you into miles of wooded trails. Landscaping is viewed as a means of reviving ecosystems and 30% of the landscape will be dedicated to food production . Your neighborhood will include a multifunctional community barn, greenhouse and retail center with coffee shop and a full service Farm Stop grocery where you can purchase produce from local farmers year-round.”

Our website is: https://wifisherpa.org/

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It seems only logical to bundle as many necessities into those monthly community fees as possible, so definitely a good move in my opinion.