Insurance for Intentional Community Organized as LLC

Hi all,

My 5-member forming community, The Heap, recently bought a small farm in central Pennsylvania. We are an LLC organized in Pennsylvania and we have filed all required returns since we began the LLC in October of 2022. We are having difficulty getting insurance for anything. Homeowners, business, farm, life policies for members-- you name it, we are being rejected everywhere we go for a quote.

Now that we have closed on our property, we are feeling urgency to get insurance coverage ASAP. Has anyone here had better luck getting insured as a multi-member LLC co-owning a property together? Please reach out and we’d be grateful to hear any recommendations and to share more about our experience.

maybe create a housing co-op legal entity?

Thanks for the input. That could be a good idea in the very long term, but we still need insurance now. We’ve been working on creating and tailoring our LLC to our needs for the past 18 months+, so we are definitely not able to afford the time or legal costs of creating a new entity at this time. It would take much longer than we are willing to remain uninsured to get the co-op corporation up and running.

Hi Rebecca, I’m interested to hear if you all were able to find coverage and what it took if so. The other day, a friend of mine who knows I want to build a community asked “What are you going to do about insurance?”, and I realized I hadn’t thought about it before :see_no_evil: I hope you all were able to find what you’re looking for!

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