[BUG/TYPO/COMMUNICATION] Picture not found after upload

Hi. So here’s how I have submitted bug reports in the past for other testing teams. I will use a real bug as an example.

System: Linux kernel 5.4.0-99.112 Mint Cinnamon desktop
Browser: Firefox for Linux Mint mint-001 - 1.0 Version: 96.0.3 (64-bit)

Summary: Uploaded picture not found
Error Type: misinformation?
Recommended Priority: very low
Details: After uploading a picture for the first time, and selecting “save” the error message was called that read something like “No picture was found associated with that e-mail address. Try again” however after some time (5 seconds?), the picture was processed and a thumbnail appeared. Then clicking save worked ok.

How to Reproduce: Make a new account. Upload a picture and click “save” before the thumbnail appears.

Recommended behavior: Instead of the message reading “No picture was found” it would be better if either the “save” was totally disabled until the thumbnail appeared and perhaps a “loading” graphic appeared over (or replaced) the save button, or maybe the error called would read something like “Processing image … do not hit save until the thumbnail appears.”

I hope this makes sense and is an okay first test topic.
Thank you for inviting me to the forum!!