Acquired 2 coastal properties in Ecuador seeking co-creators for collaboration

Considering Ecuador? Interested in being a co-creator?
The idea is to take the momentum, and interest that exists, and collaboratively create a welcoming, respectful, inclusive, inviting, thriving, learning and growing community. Envisioning artisan and renewable energy workshops, local cooperative cultural events, community garden and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the heavy lifting has already been done. I’m a retired Air Force Veteran with a civilian career in alternative construction, renewable energy and electronics. I acquired 2 properties on the Pacific coast of Ecuador in 2019 as the location for a small collaborative intentional community spanning two unique locations. One property is ocean view, located within a larger planned community. The vision is to construct 4 independent suites there. That site has beach access, a completed community pool, sports court and covered patio/bar-b-que area.

The other property located in a planned green space development of several hundred acres is best suited for 4 suites and a community event building, integrating bamboo in each of the designs. There’s a completed community pool, covered patio and bar-b-que area on that site as well.

I’m looking forward to open conversations with considering Ecuador as a destination to live affordably, thrive, retire and grow. Here is a link to my website, Kerawa Works..

Let’s open a collaborative conversation and discuss the ways to grow an inviting, affordable, safe place we can call home.

I am looking for 13 communities to engage in my micro-community network project. Working slides can be viewed at link below. Seems we should have a conversation to see if we have any synergies.
Vic D
Vic Desotelle
Social Architecture, Community Design
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MicroCom.World (community project)

Hi Vic,
Thanks for reaching out. There are a lot of great points in your micro-community project slides. Some of the areas that caught my attention are Ecological habitat developments and the use of EcoMaterials. Alternative CSIP panels, bamboo, solar integration, living roofs, etc. are all components we’ve used in the past and plan to utilize in one of the Ecuador communities.

Geometry & Materials, Climate Change Considerations, Health & Wellness Domain, Habitat & Building Domain, Food & Agriculture Domain, Neighborhoods & Families, Resources & Nature and of course Cultural Change are all important factors we consider. I also like the section on Biomimicry Principles.

The project on the Ecuador “campestre” site is a small parcel of land we’ve tentatively planned for 4 Bamboo/CSIP panel housing units and a central meeting structure, community garden, etc. Although, we’ve already acquired two properties, we’re in the planning/forming stage at this time.

I like many of the components of the micro-community network project. There are some possible overlapping synergies. Ecological habitat developments and the use of EcoMaterial with renewable energy sources already being in line with my experience and prior design and construction projects.

It will be good to chat, knowing we are both in this positive, creative space, focused on building community.

I’ll reach out to you on What’sApp.
-Donnie Austin

Ok. I’m USA but on the move in Europe right now, looking into older communities like Findhorn, Damanhur. As well as new ones in Latin America like, and almost started a community in Costa Rica. My unique bioArc (the future of architecture) home design from there is on the slides … worth a look. My background is silicon valley engineering and also collaborative group facilitation. The world has changed, so our communities have to change with it. Let’s talk or do zoom early next week (7/8 hr difference from Ecuador)?
My best,
Vic D

I agree! Next week sounds great. I’m (GMT-5) Central Daylight Time. I’d like to hear more about BioArchitecture, and designs that are working well in other communities. At Kerawa, part of our vision is the design and construction of 4 housing units and common area in an ecologically-friendly manner using locally available materials. Creating designs that reflect structures found in nature is something we’d like to explore.

Thinking community and replication, we’d also like to collaborate with others and create “open-source” designs that other forming communities can view and possibly utilize.

Look forward to speaking with you next week.
WhatsApp or Zoom is fine.

  • Donnie Austin