A Holistic Community Network Seeking Members (Seattle and surrounding areas)

The vision is to build a holistic community network

A network that is operated by and serves members of the collective residing in surrounding neighborhoods. Imagine a shared living experience enabled by interactions, collaborations, and mutual support among members - thereby disrupting the prevalent culture of hyper-individualism and isolation.

Bright Star aims to be a hub where individuals can genuinely get to know each other over time, build camaraderie, and organize various events and initiatives that benefit each other.

Inspired by characteristics of Intentional Communities and applied in a decentralized way

We usually think that intentional communities are restricted to a specific building, house, or a tight grouping of houses (cohousing for example). We are trying to incorporate many of the characteristics of Intentional Communities in a decentralized way and spread across neighbors in surrounding neighborhoods.

Looking for dreamers and members

We are building out a network in the Seattle and surrounding areas and looking for dreamers who would like to build and be part of a community network. Visionaries, community builders, and early adopters willing to embrace a work-in-progress experience are especially invited, as your input and engagement are key in shaping our evolving community.

Bright Star Collective

Please visit our website for more details www.cooperativeculture.org

Questions? Please post here or use the contact form on the website to reach out to us.


I like this idea, creating more intention in unintentional neighbourhoods/proximity, making neighbourhoods into villages again, I think its a great idea, especially for people who aren’t sure they want to live in an intentional community, but they want more intentional closeness in their community they’re already in :slight_smile: