What's Cooking?: How do you manage to feed your community?

Howdy! I’m in the process of signing up for my community’s weekly cook cycle, and it got me wondering what your go-to recipes were for feeding your community. I personally have 3-4 sets of recipes that I fall back on from time to time, one set of them being these baked risotto recipes: Butternut Squash Risotto, Mushroom Risotto, and Spring Pea Risotto. They are all finished off in the oven in a dutch oven, are pretty simple to make, and easy to double or triple the recipe for larger or hungrier crowds. I like these recipes because it’s easy to substitute ingredients for what is in season, or to opt for some of your dried, frozen, or pantry veggies. These have always been nice and filling, and a huge crowd pleaser, so I keep going back to them. Butternut Squash Risotto and Spring Pea Risotto pictured below.

So what are some of your favorite recipes when cooking for your community? If you don’t live in community at the moment, what dishes do you bring to a potluck? Do you have any tips for cooking in season, making the most out of what you have, or stretching the end of something when your reserves are almost out?