Supporting community responsibly with nutritional facts

Hey everyone!
Happy Monday
I’m vulnerably working to financially support myself in a nutritional consulting practice. My background emphasizes my degrees in education and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
The project is a web series on the validity, efficacy and conveying of ethical and responsible support of the public (and their animals) in all things nutritional and subtle, i.e., how food and nutritional supplements effect our subtle energy.
Here with you which is the vulnerable aspect, I’m driven in the search for commonality and mutual support. As I’m hoping to be able to connect in an intentional community as a living and breathing member this takes priority for me. Thus my ecovillage leanings. I’m posting on the website and in linked in. anyone interested in possibly connecting in discussion of a group effort?

I wish you well with your project! :slight_smile:

But one thing confuses me:
Are you reaching out for people to work on the project alongside you (possibly through the internet, since it’s a web series), or an intentional community to join that will support your physical/etc. needs while you do this work, or both?

I’m doing both and specifically seeking ecovillage community here. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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