What legal entity would protect property, for eternity ideally, from being transferred or sold?

Is there type of legal entity, or a company type which doesn’t allow any one person or a certain group of people to own that land? Ideally, we are looking the land to belong to nobody but collectively to everyone who behaves in accordance to the regulations set in the constitution of the company. This would legally protect the property from being repossessed, sold/bought or transferred. The purpose of this structure also be to protect wildlife and support healthy community life. What are some of the most suitable company types out there that meet this description?

Consider the idea of an ecological land trust, it requires setting aside a portion of the land that humans aren’t foraging/hunting/growing things on, that portion of land can’t be utilized except if it is being added to with native plants, etc., but again no obtaining resources from it. As I recall you were hoping to be in central America? So I don’t know what the equivilent legal structure would be in the country you’re settling in. But in the US that is what its called, Ecological landtrust.

We were seeking some of these same qualities for our community. However, we found that having no equity option for members really limits membership investment and commitment. We’re currently pursuing a LLC model that holds part of the land in commons (not able to be bought/sold/transferred by any individual) and then having limited equity in the form of an occupancy right to a specific dwelling that can transferred from outgoing to incoming members. You may need to consider having two legal entities to accomplish what you want where the land is held by one entity, and the community structure is held by another. FIC’s Legal Basics course is a good resource.

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