What is lacking in the modern society model?

When we think about human connection, ecological balance, existential purpose, spiritual meaning: what could be different?

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I think we are missing balance between an individualistic mindset and a collectivist mindset. Here in The States, individualism has gotten out of control, we all think we’re so special and we seem to have lost our ability to distinguish between wants and needs in our lives. I think this has been excentuated by isolation, fueled first by social media/ticktock/ etc. for kids who aren’t emotionally mature enough to process those inputs responsably, and then made worse by covid restrictions interfering with social development of young people and making us all more isolated physically from each other (yes I think the level of covid restrictions we received, at least here in OR, was wrong and too much.)

I’m not saying we need to throw personal autonomy out the window entirely, because societies who are heavily collectivistic have their own issues. We need to find a middle ground in which the individual and the community are both prioritized, where people can pursue what they need in order to be fulfilled, but they don’t think the world should revolve around their desires. Where the betterment of the community and the earth are seen as valuable and important, but where people do have the personal liberty to express themselves.

That is my opinion upon the matter.


I’ve lived in an intentional community. We need sticker accountability for anything to scale.

The traditional system self supports itself: economics, exchange based business, objective science, education and training, mass media entertainment, algorithm directed social media.

Belonging, gift economic, open business practices, reflexive and relational social science, self organised education, distributed local narrative, may combine to generate scalable social cohesion.

You are invited to read and participate in Fulcrum: Inviting First Readers – Sqale Me Feedback welcome. Be well! David


Thanks @RionaAndLogan. I agree! I believe the cutting edge of human evolution is to simultaneously become the vest versions of ourselves while also experiencing ourselves like cells in larger organisms. We either figure this out or we go down trying…

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Thanks @happyseaurchin. I’m not sure what you mean by “sticker accountability”. Can you share more?

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“…what could be different?..”
more deeply connecting.

“…What is lacking in the modern society…"
Missing is cooperation. Just way too competitive. No longer direct democracy - we elect some 1 else to represent us in the governing work (of ourselves). Capitalism IS competition after all. So economic system and governing… Two of our major institutions - Fisszzit… dysfunction (The rep.s compete for the $ for reelection as well). Another institution, schools (cept ‘democratic schools) same. U can name more…

It’s destroyed the individual (couple, family, neighborhood and ‘state’). The under pining (culture) is failing from this ‘corporate state’ (culture = food ways, clothing, music, religion, dance, etc). Example: a 3rd world country that inhabitants once said "gimmie the sun glasses & car top down, the boom box and burger. " Goin to temple at sun rise, walk/bike and jasmine rice is too old school, its for the old men… are now struggling to get back the religion, cry to have some one who knows how to play the bansuri
show them, teach how Dadi cooked a dish they have not had in ages, mentor their child as they were by family; but to acquire those material things (we say 'keep up w/the Jones’) both parents now work, they live in the city (an apartment) as necular family, and a corporation takes their days energy. After a taste of what the corporate has brought they want to turn back… too late.

So more things are brought in to fill that void (our kids w/screen time) and they wrk harder for those things. This leaves less time for family, neighbors, true leisure, spiritual development, etc and despoils the earth with more cast off stuff (like our babe we hid toys to rotate out & slid the old away for a few wks). george carlin stuff - Google Search
Too tired (yes, the Protestant work ethic in Zen or Hindu lands) too tired to ‘live’ they up the screen time.

So what is lacking? Nuttin… yes may B more of no thing (ie not working) can B a cure.

  • -Chad

I think Sociocracy is what’s lacking. Here’s a pretty good video I saw yesterday: Your Job Feels Pointless? Workplace Democracy Could Fix That

Sociocracy favors inner circles and outer circles for all groups, I think. I think some inner circles can support outer circles, where the outer circles strive to make connections with all other groups/orgs, using sociocratic decision making. Delegates from orgs in outer circles can learn sociocracy and then help their orgs develop sociocratic inner circles. Ain’t that a plan?

I think that humans are going to go through a phase. A time of great shifting. Much difficulty, but that what is on the other side is going to be spectaculous. It’s going to be different what is going to emerge. And it’s going to be a lot of loss before that time is reached. But I personally believe that humanity will get closer to nature, to each other, and to God. The difficulties will bring us closer.

That’s interesting what you mentioned about sociocracy. Al Bielek also mentions sociocracy in the context of a future earth where AI governance is a manifest reality. Where humans live in perpetual harmony with nature and each other. But it’s a future where humans have become complacent to a degree. They mostly depend on artificial intelligence to take care of all their needs for them. Nobody really needs to work anymore like they used to. Not many people excel like they did when they had to overcome difficulties and challenges to work through. But that’s a very very very long time away. Floating cities… However I have reason to believe that by 2031 life will be very different indeed. We are probably going to lose power between now and then and there is a window of opportunity for things being done with electricity.

My apologies somewhat tangential babble.