Starting a new Intentional Community - Step 0

I’m wondering if there are any guides or frameworks for people who are just looking to start a new IC. I have now been part of a number of discussions with people in the area(Costa Rica) who are interested in forming a community, however those discussions seem to be all over the place ranging from how large do we want the community to be, to what the decision process will be to what values do we share, etc.

Feels like there could be a framework of some sort that allows a group to follow it and instead of starting from scratch. I imagine a framework that asks specific questions of the group and provides options to some things that have been discussed and debated by many who came before. The conversations that I am part of often don’t lead anywhere, yet they take a lot of energy and in the end discourage people from trying to form a community.

I recognize there are a number of books in the resource section and they are helpful, but I am looking for concrete tool or framework to follow in the very early stages. In some ways, such framework should either get people on the same page, or show them why their coming together to form a community is but a pipe dream.

Firstly, define your goal. Get together routinely with 10 or less deeply-invested founders to write a mission statement and a goal. The mission statement should be shorter than a paragraph but detailed yet concise. You will have to also figure out a goal. Here you will list out the features of your ideal land, structure, expectations, self-suffiency level, etc. The details yaknow? Expect this process to take a year or more, during which you can save for the huge upfront investments like land purchase, entity formation, legal help etc.

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Hello Notna! Excellent questions you ask :slight_smile: I can suggest you check out Collab (An Introduction to Collab | Round Sky Solutions) as a framework that can help launch communities. It provides templates for all the conversations any forming organization needs to have and was developed to enable groups to share power well and efficiently. Pm me if you’d like to chat further one-on-one.