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It comes as no surprise to me that many do not care for political discussion, here, nor so in most online spaces, though I do need y’all to understand that the “distaste” many have of politics is by design. The ghouls who hold power over you and your life USE politics to do so. Further, they intentionally make said politics as ugly as possible, to turn the masses, US!, against using it ourselves, in an attempt to bring about our collective freedom. Make of that information what you will, but please consider “being political” is a foundational aspect of the fight for our liberation, and many of Us are going to continue to be so wherever, and whenever, it is warranted, regardless of what the unspoken rules, and actual rules, state. Time has run out for being on the sidelines.

admins/mods, please move this to the proper tag, if this announcements one is not appropriate, but please consider leaving it up nonetheless, as we are at a turning point in Human history, and we need everybody educated of the very real crisis, as well as all of Us being on the same page.


““… being political” is a foundational aspect of the fight for our liberation.”

~~I applaud you for your activity and commitment to a cause, -to doing anything actually. But do try to understand that words like “political” and “liberation” can have many different meanings to different folks.

When I was a bit younger, I lived in an intentional community. We of course didn’t think of it that way. We more called ourselves The Commie House. Gus Hal, the perennial Presidential Candidate of the Communist Party USA, used to come often to visit. We published a newspaper called the Rubber City Radicals, that we handed out at factory gates. We marched. We organized. We protested. We held rallies. We practiced Marxism/Leninism/Mao Tse Tung Thought. Eventually we were founding members of The Revolutionary Communist Party, which later birthed Antifa and BLM. We got clubbed, we got guns, we bled, we got arrested, we camped in the woods preparing for the “revolution”. We did it all. --We Fought for The People!!!
~~We didn’t actually accomplish much, but it did feel good.

Then I moved to the land. And grew a garden. And gave away food to the poor oppressed. And that was so good, that we then grew lots of gardens, -at an inner-city elementary school to feed the hungry school kids, and at a Free Clinic, and on city owned land that we just took so that people living on the street could come and pick a free fresh grown tomato. And we cleared land next to a homeless men’s shelter and taught the men how to garden. That accomplished a good deal more.

During those days, Indian People were organizing for Native Rights. They decided to protest what had happened to the Original Peoples of this land. They organized The Longest Walk, walking from California to Washington DC. Their goal was to raise awareness and to ultimately meet with Members of Congress and the President, at the end of the journey. But when we reached Washington, something even more interesting than all the shouting and protesting, happened. All day, every day, we made our presence known in D.C. At night, we stayed at a local campground/park. And did what people did. Slept, ate, threw our trash into the provided dumpster. And then one fellow, without “permission” climbed into the trash container. And tossed everything out, in to piles of like with likes. It was a horrible job. Rotten food, banana peels, wet cardboard, mostly consumed apple cores, icky stuff. He was recycling. He was returning to Earth all that was good for Earth. And he wanted to send the sticky, empty pop cans to be remade into something useful.

The Walk leaders were outraged, the park rangers upset. They put all the trash back into the container!! And the fellow, without saying a single word, got back in the trash dumpster and began again to separate all the garbage. By that time the whole camp was in a ferment. That guy was doing more to “save the earth” than all our other protests. He set an example that sometimes “being political” and “fighting for liberation” can be much more meaningful when practiced in a quieter and more personal way.

~~It’s a lesson I’ve carried to this day. There are all kinds of Communities. There are all kinds of political. There are lots of suggested solutions to perceived ills. But maybe a first question to be asked of any of those actions, is, “Will it Grow Corn?”.

So maybe, before you, and the one or two others on this forum of like mind, get too far into the weeds concerning calls for “liberation”, and use words and phrases like "imperialist, parasites, fascist, white supremacist, fascist settler, ghouls, time has run out, crisis, and such like, ask first, Does your rhetoric and harsh language and fear, grow anything? Or does growing food and teaching by example, accomplish much more?

Who is doing more to change the world? The person who does the hard work every day, setting an example of how to treat each other in a better way and how to raise our children to be more awake in a confusing world? Or the person who shouts and protests at the weekly meeting of the Spartacist League? Building a new world or singing slogans? Which would you choose?


I appreciate your passion and dedication to the cause, but I think you’re setting up a false dichotomy. We don’t have to choose between the work and the rhetoric. We don’t have to choose between thinking globally and acting locally. We have the capacity to engender change at every level.


I am totally fine talking political. I follow the global political drama all the time. I now have a full understanding of most of the major issues in the world. I have determined the most simple way to explain my view. This is a simple rule that I follow. If the news comes from a government then it is a lie and only the narrative they want to send is only told. ALL mainstream media is compromised and on the payroll of the government.
Voting is a scam and it always has been. The US constitution is nothing but word play garbage only used to translate to the favor of those who are in power. I have tones of links/ websites that back everything I say. Feel free to message me if you want my resources to make this conclusion.
Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Wow, very very well said. Your wisdom is immeasurable and I personally appreciate you sharing that story. I’m 31 years old, I very much agree with all you said and I/we intend to do just that, feed people, bring them closer to the land and show them a different way of life and living, if they’re open to it of course.

I honestly feel with every single morsel in my body that no matter how hard we try, the powers that be will do what they do best and that is divide and conquer. All we can do in return is make our little chunk of life and land as best as it can possible be. We can work on ourselves and what we each individually do to make the world better. If we ALL focus on being our best selves, that will undoubtedly spread and we can be a magnificent force of change. Though, we cannot do it with fear and rhetoric. It must come from within us, each of us individually.

Fire cannot be fought with fire. They use that tactic, we must be smarter and more patient and intentional. We can do this, but we cannot allow them to even for one moment waste any time being angry, let down, discouraged, short sided or emotional, that’s exactly what they want you to do!

Plant a seed, let it grow and feed those around you with your wisdom and positivity, tell them to do the same. We’ve got this!

StoneGardenFarm, I’d love to meet you and hear some more stories. Always open to advise or direction.



You, and others who might like to, are certainly welcome to come visit most anytime. Unfortunately, it looks like you are a long way on that side of The River, and we’re pretty far on this side. But if you ever do get East stop on by. It’s very rare that we eat alone, folks are always here. And there’s always a bed for wayfarers. -An especially good time to stop might be this April 8th. We are directly under the Eclipse.

As far as stories, I like a good yarn.

~At one time in my life I spent much more time with Original People, than I did with the boat people. Seneca’s and Lakota’s and Tuscaraugus and many others taught me a great deal of Ancient Traditional Wisdom & Prophesy. And gave me permission to talk with others about it. And they talked about what is coming next. ~~That is much of why we don’t now worry so much about politics and revolutions and anger and other fairly icky stuff. It’s all going to sort itself very soon now.

What we are doing, is to decide to just not participate. The world is changing whether we like it or not. We can learn to change also, … or we can be left behind. So we are not participating in crazy government programs like getting shots for every single thing imaginable. We are trusting our own immune systems (of course we do no alcohol or drugs or tobaccos or fast foods or soda and such like, so that helps). We open our hearts and minds and Spirits to as much good as we are able. And we share that as much as we can. We have little appreciation for anger and fighting. Have little need for drama. And very little need for gov’t help or intervention. We live honest and do honest and somehow it just seems to work out.

Maybe that’s why there are always so many people here. --Or maybe just the free food and warm beds.

In any case, thank you for your kind words. Four Winds.

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I have tried to show People how things can be done, in accordance with Nature. I get screamed at.

I have done what I can to counter the destructive tendencies of this society. I have gotten nothing for any of it.

I have been doing all this for 35 years, and have not swayed one soul (not to my knowledge) but I have Hope.

Lately I have come to learn just how evil this society is, though most in it have no idea it is (I will not pacify that word by quoting it… what this country does is truly that)

Many of us now have no other choice but to speak the truth. Surely there are enough of Us who understand this, and are moved to help “keep the ball rolling”. Be as it may, using brash words to jostle the masses.

Because I am on here “making noise” goes to show just how immense the struggle is. I am LITERALLY… effectively in a prison, due to my inability to sway the one person who holds the most power over me, at this moment.

I only have these forums to “speak”. If I could BE RESCUED I WILL NO DOUBT do the work that is truly needed. I CANNOT do the same in this current predicament which entraps me.

This is also why I PLEAD for help CONSTANTLY.

So be it.