🌈 Queer Land Project Survey: seeking responses until 6/16!

Short version: We’re doing a survey on queer folks’ visions and experiences of queer land projects! The survey takes 5-15 minutes to fill out (depending on how thorough you want to be) and will be open until June 8th! Could you fill it out and share your perspective?

More context:

  • We are a collective of multi-racial, queer and trans-identified folks in the beginning stages of creating a land-based project together in Rhode Island, 15 minutes outside of Providence, on the unceded and ancestral lands of the Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag peoples.

  • Our hope is to engage with a broader queer community to generate ideas, direction, and membership as the project takes shape and grows, and this survey is one tool we’re using to do that. We would greatly appreciate your input, whether you are geographically close to us or not! This survey is to gain a broad understanding of how “our folx” are thinking about and connecting to queer projects that focus on and center the land. We know we’re joining a long lineage and network of queer land projects and are excited to see what our piece of that bigger picture is.

  • **We also invite you to share this survey with other queer folks in your life-- we would love to hear from a lot of different voices! **

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you so much!