Pinon Healing Arts Centre

Hello! I am a proud new MacBook owner after being off grid for most of 9 years. I have pristine land in Hells Canyon Wilderness to turn into community. I have river front along the crystal clear Imnaha river. I have 4 acres heavily wooded, home to bears cougars turkeys deer elk and much much more.

I am visiting my folks back east for the winter and really just want to integrate and connect as much of the communities as I can so that’s why I got a MacBook. Now I am here investigating all these avenues I began to research like !

You can find my listing on here to look at some pictures.
It’s basically the level 9000 community when people are ready for that. By that I mean we are going to be truly challenged to go in and create economy and political and peace without much support from Babylon as the property is truly in the sticks of eastern Oregon… Native country and cowboy country. Still very much the Wild West…

So yeah, Wherever you are at in life I invite you to hit me up and get me on the discord or whatever place where all the great minds are building the vision together. Thanks,

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