Negative effects of Individual money seeking behaviour

Hi I’m Rais, I just turned 24, I’m from England and I’ve seen/felt the destructive effects that money has on people and it’s heavily corruptive capability. It kind of made me really sad and depressed that people are suffering alone and thinking that freedom is something that they won’t ever have. Then I thought if you lived in a household with 10 people who you all get along with it can reduce so much suffering and freedom would actually be something that’s possible. However, I feel that finding 10 people where you all get along with is difficult. I want to find people where my interests align, i’m really interested in academia, math and science specifically and it makes me sad that I could be in a position where i wouldn’t be able to explore those subjects as much as I could and maybe others also feel in a similar way. I live with my parents and actually have a large family of 8 but i don’t feel connected enough with them, I don’t really have that many great memories. There’s something missing. I think what i’m seeking is rare.