Maniacs in and for Europe

Hi everyone I am a tested genius and I have a degree in environmental science. I have a fixed income (which is low but reliable) and I want to get out of here. (Here is some place in northern Germany that I start to dislike strongly because it is sort of to small, greedy and fake).

I have partnered with a friend (not: boyfriend) from Switzerland and starting from January 2023 we will search for a place to found a very small community with rules that are adapted to people that need more space, individuality and freedom. But don’t want to be alone (Yes, it’s a tricky balance to both have individuality and community).

It is possible even that we will opt for a nomadic or partly normadic life style and buy a larger vehicle for this. But as I have zero trust in the current economy we will farm food somewhere, that is a promise.

We welcome people from any country and religion but we are looking only for people who have been diagnosed with a so called mental illness (depressions counts).

If you have no money we already have one mini job (that however does not give more than 300 Euro a month plus European health insurance. But if you come from the USA, the insurance can in itself be already interesting).

As for visas: it would be good if you would be an European citizien. But if not we might find a creative way to give you a visa for Europe. But be aware that the employment situatiuon even for highly qualified people in Europe is currently very bad and raccism remains a problem too.

We will look for all over Europe where there is a lot of space, few people and where setting up agriculture/permaculture is not too expensive.

I don’t know if you ever have been on tour with two “maniacs” (we are NOT mentally ill, we are neurodivergent). But we are fast, smart and occassionaly very loud. We speak multiple languages and we can reapair our stuff ourselfs. As a top class environmental scientist I in theory can survive and thrive in every type of natural environment. But in practice it costs a lot of money and time to prepare for more extreme places. So let’s better not go to the arctic or put up a tent in the middle of the Sahara :slight_smile:

Your advantages of getting together with us is:

  1. Life will never be boring and we know how to defeat depression.
  2. Life will never be boring.