Looking for grean natural community for a Syrian human


My name is Kareem, I’m 22 years old, i hate what humanity is doing in this world and want to try alternative way of living, a new world to be part of

Why me

i play guitar

really why me

i have a remote job as programmer
i have experience in engineering, farming, building from scratch
open mind and philosophy tester
i can live with minimum

what do i want

i have a big dream of a small world were i can live and dance and love isolated from the geopolitics
so as long as you are friendly i don’t care where it just need to be green friendly place to be in, and i depend on luck so i’m not so hard about details

why not me

i’m Syrian and i live in Syria so far but open to travel

final words

thanks for reading through, will love to hear from you or even your story with alternative communities

Hi kareem212271,

I totally relate to what you’re looking for - I often feel the same way. I’m trying to create a community, so I can’t offer what you’re looking for, but I wanted to let you know that I get it! Thanks for posting and it’s great to meet you!

Hello Kareem,
I hope you can find a community to live in and enjoy life and feel safe in.