Looking for a Station Council (Core Group)

This is the second ever Waystation Broadcast (yes, i’m calling them that; i know it’s more of an open letter than a broadcast but it fits the aesthetic and it’s frankly fun).

This was the first.

I’m currently writing from L.A (aka, Yaanga). Waystation, or ‘Station’ for short, is still far off. But everything that lasts hits the ground running. I’ve been looking over my own personal financial accounts lately and even with a laughably restrictive budget I’m looking at -$$$ if I were to set out on my own; I wouldn’t have anything for the next month that comes after buying enough food for a week. I’m currently being “supported” by my parents; the “supported” is in quotes because not having to pay rent in exchange for verbal abuse, ableism, and transphobia is not actually good deal. Who knew? I literally feel pieces of myself being shaved off. I’m 21 and I have no authority in my own home; no personal authority or autonomy. I have to ask permission to do pretty much anything. I’m in a catch-22. But I can see a third option. So I need this to last.

I am now looking for a Station Council, a core group who can be there from the beginning and help me flesh things out.

This will be a desert community, but I - we - haven’t chosen an exact location yet (somewhere in the Grand Canyon would be interesting), so you don’t need to be anywhere near me. You can be in Alaska for all I care. But this desert community will teach that you can find home anywhere; so all you have to be is willing to tell me what you’d want to come home to. This whole thing is casual. We can just talk.

The only real additional duty you’ve have as part of the Council is to help make certain important, or hard, decisions. Waystation is nearly anarchistic. Certainly anti-capitalist and anti-hierarchy (the Council isn’t superior to anyone else, the work is more of a hat you put on and take off, possibly even literally, and could eventually be comprised of all the population of the Station). There are not a lot of strict rules planned at all, actually, so this Council will be more like a mix between a think tank and a jury.

Reach out if you’re interested, and thank you for receiving this broadcast well.

Crap, I forgot something.

Here is our Pinterest board (I will make you a collaborator after about a day of back-and-forth discussion): https://pin.it/4mi3dxv

And please reach out to me with your Discord username to be added to our server.

I know I’m no fun, but I highly doubt you’d be allowed to build a community in the Grand Canyon, but maybe nearby?