Looking for a Place In or Around S Austin, TX

Hey all,

I am in S Austin, and have to move by the end of November. While I’m not an IC kind of guy exactly, I think we have a lot in common.

I’m an IT professional and engineer. Looking to move into a house, studio or room in or around S Austin.

My budget is ~$1000/mo. I’m really into health and nutrition. Ideally, I’d like my own place, however, I am also considering a room in a place with like-minded people who are into prepping and homesteading.

Things I, and think we all are looking for:

A place with a backyard, or some land with food growing, which I can help out with. Maybe on a well, and composting.

A space to store, say, 6 months of food, and have a garage or shed access.

It’d also be cool if it’s set up for an off-grid situation, perhaps with solar panels, a generator or a powerwall, seeing how power has gone out here a few times in the winters.

Also nice to have – a gas stove, front-loading washer and dryer, and preferably no carpet.

I’m a clean cut guy, and I keep things clean and simple. I also do entrepreneurial stuff, such promoting my health and wellness channels online, and am interested in investing.

If it sounds like a match, please let me know. Thank you.

Up in my area in the Pacific Northwest near Portland, craigslist has a robust rooms and houseshare section and a lot of people utilize it, so since Austin is how Portland used to be when Portland was cool, maybe craigslist gets used a lot where you are too for such things? Telling you in case you want another place to look as well.

There’s a big intentional communities group on facebook and there’s a lady named Jennifer right now near Austin who is seeking collaborators to join her on land which she currently holds. Maybe it could be a fit?