How are you using technology in your community?

Hello good people. My name is Osa Isacson. I am the former IT Director of FIC who is now pursuing a PhD on digital infrastructure for intentional communities at Chalmers University, Sweden.

I am currently writing a paper on what technologies communities are using, and to this end am gathering experiences from all over the world. If you would like to share your feelings, what you experience works well, what does not work - or any future potentials you may see in using technologies in support of your community - please click the below banner.

It leads to a small form that shouldn’t take more than five minutes to fill out, I’ve tried to keep the questions human :smiley:
The paper will be shared with those who participated.

banner using tech


Just another note on this :arrow_up: to make it show on the feed again. I posted it in the middle of summer so it wasn’t very visible. There will also be a notice on this in the next FIC newsletter.
Your experiences are warmly welcome! is a really amazing for building an intentional community. They offer a free village-making platform that allows you to create your own governance system, communicate and so much more!

Thank you! If you have used the revillager plattform - or any other - I’d love to hear more on your experiences - if you happen to have five minutes to fill out the survey.