Happen to know who's working on outreach for truly sustainable, healthy livelihoods, so I may join them (in California)?

I’m trying to join good efforts in very much needed (economic) relocalization, and thinking I could help in promoting such a healthy, sustainable way of life (you know, if one believes in what they’re selling (is the best), then they’ll be the best salesperson). Of course there’s so many different ways it/something can be promoted, but upon joining the right group, I’m thinking like through making phone calls (from the office/center), person-to-person street outreach (like with flyers in hand),

Besides not to be overlooked, social media types of promotioning, I’m pretty sure FIC has, ?and maybe continues to do such outreach for people… there are various demographics like to consider, but one especially relevant one here around (southern) California (where I am now) that comes to mind is Mexican/Latino gardeners… that should really be living a beautiful way of life in their original homelands that they were basically forced to leave, and then they’d be less tied to an ill, greedy/takeover, dangerous, unsustainable/collapsing American/capitalist/etc. culture, you know. Yeah, I could do this outreach on my own if I really wanted to, but seems right that I should be recognized with the responsibility and corresponding money (or power) to do such needed or good work, you know?.. so I’m trying to join others - any ideas for me/how, please do inform.

you’re welcome to see this planning document I’ve been putting together around this, including the community outreach part.


714-770-1293 (cell)

re: your headlining question…i think i count.

but it’s a work-in-progress.

oh? what do you do? maybe we can discuss further re my ability to help, or we can collaborate / synergize to move our good intentions forward. you may like to read more than the headline question there to know more about what i’m thinking generally, and let me know. 714-770-1293 (cell) i’m currently around los angeles/orange county - keshav

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i’m a writer, artist, and the guy who posted this: Looking to form an intentional community in Southern California

i’m right there as well. i’ll text you

hmm ok. i read it, more doubtful now honestly, but good intentions of course, i think you need to find the right people/support to actually realize your good ideas, you know. myself, i’m more wanting to help/follow than trailblaze/lead in these efforts now. can talk some more…

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well, of course, that’s why i’m reaching out <3