Different type of participation for members of community

Hello everyone,

I was trying to come up with ideas for the design or our community for DID/OSDD systems (Myriad Eco Community, we have a name now :slight_smile: ) and watching some videos about how one community was designed, I saw they had different types of houses, like cottages, family houses, shared houses, and stuff. So I was wondering if it was possible/thinkable/doable to have different type of members for different types of houses, like those who live in the big main house are on full share income, those who live in individual units are on partial sharing income and those in family houses are on rent and no sharing.

Is it possible? Has that been done elsewhere? Is it a good or a bad idea?


Lady Grimoire

Hi Lady Grimoire
We are sitting with a similar question (though not identical).
While we would love to find members who are able and interested to invest in a share of the property, there are lovely people who would like to stay here, but who are only able to rent, or perhaps rent-to-buy. While our expectation is participation in community activities… what if there is someone who wants to live here and whom we feel would benefit the space in some way - but are disinterested in collective activities… shall we allow some people to live ‘alongside’ the active community? This seems a bit risky to me so we’ll give it further thought. Any experience on different membership types would be so welcome! Are there pitfalls?
Could a variety of options allow for a greater sense of inclusivity, or cause divisions? I expect both are possible.

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To partially answer myself, the first community I lived in, consisted of a small block of 6 flats. The top two were combined into a single ‘house’ where we lived as a commune, with evening meals and cleaning tasks shared. The four downstairs flats were occupied by compatible people and families who participated in shared living and social events to various extents. Everyone attended parties lol, some of us became close friends, I ended looking after all the children in the afternoons for a few months, and we were all there for each other when a hand was needed. The commune had rules, and the flats none at all. It worked very well.

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