Are there any communities with NO private/individual spaces?

… and the whole community space is common to all!? I would like to know more about such a community (if it exists)

Also, a community idea for common/community rooms/areas is to have (at least) one area that is quiet (maybe even with deader energies like this internet, a.k.a. K 愛SH), and another that can be noisy, or more lively!

I think such communities are unlikely as most people require privacy to some extent to function comfortably.

If you’re talking about technical ownership though, look for leftist co-ops or communes, as in most of their structures there is a legal and social ownership of all things communally, with the understanding that individuals may possess things temporarily (temporary can mean a week or a lifetime). This can come in the form of rent-free homes that are maintained by the community or otherwise.

Overall, what you seem to be looking for from the things I’ve seen on your site is a monastery of sorts. A communal living situation dedicated to charitable acts and humble living.