Which uncommon quality would you like to have in your community?

And how do you see it working in the setting?

Introversion in eco-villages

After visiting several communities and eco-villages, it has clearly come to my awareness that such places are primarily suitable for extroverts, be it volunteers or residents, with daily contact. I remember an eco-village founder told me how in a community meals must be shared and I should accept it if I am to learn to harmoniously co-exist in such a place, which made me wonder…

The whole word “community”, it seems, contradicts “introversion”. But I think that they can, and MUST be incorporated within one another if the community wants to up its game, and also because of elementary and fair inclusion. Introverts, Highly Sensitive People, neurodivergent individuals, and even hermits also want social connection, safety, trust, support and cooperation, but in different ways and amounts. My vision is that more communities start seeing how taking such individuals into consideration in their social structure can enrichen the whole.

I am aware though, that co-housing is probably the closest to what I am talking about, but it does seem to me that most co-housing communities are more “conventional” in the way that people live in their own regular houses and have neighbours who they meet up with occasionally.


I am planning on a coop that is introvert friendly. My property is miles from the grid and I want to have rules on noise and light levels. Right now I see having a few people lease property to cover land improvements and events, form business partnerships, and train interns. I am working on a few streams of income that I’m sure would be a fit for neurodivergent and hermit types.

I would have a community kitchen and entertainment area for everyday use and would expect everyone to show up every full moon for a social gathering. Community meetings will be held during the new moon and everyone in the community will have the option to write any concerns or ideas if they are unable to attend…and encourage everyone to use their voice.

Part of feeling safe with me is knowing who I’m going to deal with. what their values are, and being clear on rules before I meet them, so I’ll have a vetting system that includes psychological and personality tests.

My property is in the desert so initially it would be seasonal stays for most people and would have a couple dozen tents or RV’s on 40 acres.


I am hoping introverts can also be accepted and thrive in ICs, as my wife is definitely an introvert. Certainly there is some expectation in most ICs for some social interaction, whether it is some community meals or meetings every week/month. But I think that as long as community members have private space and also outdoor space where they can have time to themselves, that the needs of introverts can also be respected.